Kinsalebeg, Co. Waterford

Top Tips for Home School Learning During Covid Pandemic Lockdown

It is difficult to believe for us all that we find ourselves back in a situation that our schools are closed. Due to current Department of Education recommendations  – we are all having to get used to homeschooling and online learning again. The teachers & team at Kinsalebeg NS are working hard behind the scenes to ensure that this can be as smooth as possible for pupils and parents. We have put together some top tips here that we have found have proven to help.

Have a Routine 

Try and establish a routine for school days where school work is done during a specific time. Where possible try and have this time consistent everyday so your child/guardian can get into a routine and know that this is expected every day.  Don’t worry if your at home school day isn’t as long as an actual school day – but do try and keep regular hours.

Take Regular Exercise Breaks 

Encourage your child to take regular exercise breaks – we find that this can help with your home “school environment” – to help your child have some fun while learning.  We are big fans of “Drop Everything and Run” in KinsalebegNS – so we encourage you to try this at home!  Try encouraging your child to run around the house 3 times – or to do 20 jumping jacks or some squats in between subjects or every 40 mins.  Parents can join in too! 

Communicate with your Teacher 

As Teachers we are really aware that teaching isn’t always easy – please don’t ever feel that you are in this alone. All our teachers are working and very happy to help out where possible.  If your child is having particular difficulties with a subject or item – please do ask your teacher for help – we are more than happy to advise.  Don’t hesitate to contact us on

ClassTeacher Email
Infants – 1st ClassMrs. Seward
2nd – 4th Class Mrs. Walsh
Muinteoir Gráinne
5th & 6th Class Mrs. Mullins
SETMrs. Kinsella
Muinteoir Clíona

Have a Designated Workspace 

With so many of us working from home during the pandemic we realise that work space in the home can be at a premium and a designated work space is easier said than done. However we would encourage you to:

  • Have your child sit at a desk/table & chair (your kitchen table can work well here) 
  • Ensure adequate light & space for your child work
  • Organise school books in advance of subject
  • Ensure a quiet environment – no TVs or screens during school work
  • Encourage siblings to respect each other’s school time and to let each other work
  • For children with online classes encourage your child to interact with the teacher & class and have their camera on where possible 
  • Tidy away all school books when learning is over until the following school day 

Don’t be afraid to use other resources – RTÉ’s School Hub can be a great change of pace and can work well for parents who are also trying to work from home.  

We are all in this together 

We hope that these tips help in what is a challenging situation for all of us.  Remember that Education is made up of many things and while school work is extremely important other activities such as exercise, cooking & baking, art, enjoying the environment (with 5kms) time with the family are also really important in a child’s overall education. This time too will pass and we will get back to a time when home school and school closures are a memory.  We are all working together for the greater good and by staying at home and social distancing we are looking after our society and our children who are so important to us.  

Sharon Mullins 

Principal Kinsalebeg NS